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Do you have processes that take up much more time than necessary? Administration often costs your lecturers or employees an unnecessary amount of time. Time that they can also spend on other things. With web applications you can automate processes or keep records more efficiently. Data can be collected using forms. Links can be made with other systems to exchange data. Dashboards can also be created within the web application to provide insight into the various data.

Why HandiHow?

We think along strategically and have experience in making applications within the educational sector. The combination with our technical knowledge enables us to create a good and logically working web application. We like short lines of communication, we are dedicated and practical. We make clear agreements in advance, and we stick to them. HandiHow uses the latest tools with high development speed. We put the security of the web application first, taking the GDPR into account. We support the project from start to completion, and then offer cost-effective maintenance and further development. Below you can read more about our working method, aftercare and the technology behind the web application.


HandiHow works on the basis of Agile processes. This is a way of iterative development, where feedback can be given in several rounds. This feedback in turn forms the basis for subsequent development.

It all starts with your idea. HandiHow turns this idea into a global concept with designs of the different pages within the web application. We will talk about the technology behind the web application. Choices can be made here, for example about the desired backend, frontend framework and the desired look & feel of the web application. Ultimately, we will issue a quotation based on these conversations. This contains the total costs of the project. This quotation is without obligation and free of charge.

After acceptance of the quotation, the programming phase of the concept will begin. When this phase has been completed, a first round of feedback will follow. We will then work with this feedback and a second round of feedback will follow. Then we put all the finishing touches and we deliver the beta version. You can then report bugs for another 3 months, which will be fixed by HandiHow free of charge. In this way we guarantee a fully functioning web application that performs flawlessly.

Further development and maintenance

Because browsers and other software dependent on the web application are constantly being updated, the web application will also require maintenance. In addition, it is very likely that your wishes will adjust over time. You may have come up with a new button or overview. We offer maintenance and further development through annual contracts. This contract includes a standard monthly rate for maintenance and a standard hourly rate for further developments.


HandiHow can apply many different techniques for programming the web application. Most modern web applications are programmed using Javascript frameworks such as React or Angular. HandiHow masters both techniques. These so-called Single Page Applications have a backend that ensures the safe storage of files, data and users. We often use a fully serviced backend Firebase (from Google), which meets the highest security standards.

In addition, it is possible to program a more 'traditional' web application using NodeJS, Express and a database such as MongoDB or PostgreSQL. This can be selected if many tasks have to be performed on the server, such as data connections or complex calculations. Complex NodeJS server functions can now also be placed within the Firebase environment.

In addition to techniques for programming or providing the front-end and back-end, the User Interface also plays a role in the ease of use and the experience. There are also many choices to make here. For example the appearance of buttons, graphs, the font, the colors. There are many different so-called CSS frameworks available, the best known of which is probably Bootstrap. These frameworks use different styles, color schemes and parts, which can then be adapted to the design. It is useful to choose a framework that is already close to the desired design. HandiHow has experience with Bootstrap, Semantic UI, Bulma and Angular Material, and we can therefore estimate which framework is close to your corporate identity.

Our recent work

We recently completed the following projects in the field of web applications:

  • Digifolia Pointer (PO council)
  • GOAL scan (U21 Education in the 21st century)
  • Pillars (Pillars.school)

View our portfolio for more information about these projects.

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