Create quizzes with SkillTree app!

HandiHow worked hard on an important new feature in our SkillTree app: creating quizzes!

You can now create quizzes. There are different question types from which to choose, such as input and checkbox questions. There is also a "file" question where your students can upload file(s). If you want to enable uploading multiple files, select "Allow Multiple" in the question properties. You can also create "image picker" questions. That's fun!

What's unique in our SkillTree app, is the definition of your feedback form. You can create a custom feedback form for each quiz. This way, you can give your students the feedback that they deserve! You can fully customize the feedback form, and you will have the full range of question types available for this purpose. You can also set a feedback form as your default, so you can use it automatically again in your next quiz.

Once you're done defining the quiz and feedback forms, you can integrate the quiz in your skilltree. You do this by linking the quiz to a skill in the Skill Editor. Students will see the quiz appear in the skilltree and can navigate to the quiz page. All the results will be collected and you will find them in your quiz results. There you can provide the students with feedback. There are also overview charts of your quiz and a table with all feedback. You can download the feedback to PDF, Excel of CSV.

And this is how it looks!


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