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With a correct commitment of Microsoft Power Apps existing and new processes can be provided with a new app at lightning speed. An app that can use data from many sources and is also directly available on mobile devices as standard. In this way information and functionality can become available in a modern way where this was impossible until recently without major investments.

HandiHow can help you automate quickly and securely with PowerApps. Apps can be quickly shared with colleagues and access to the app can be securely arranged via the Microsoft platform. With Microsoft Power Automate are able to set up robust integrations between internal and external systems. 
However, Power Automate can mean so much more for the average user. Think of automatically receiving a notification when an absence is reported at school, or when a grade has been entered.

HandiHow can help you facilitate regular activities with Power Automate. Work with Microsoft Power BI opens up a whole new world for many users. No static reports or Excel sheets! We create beautiful dashboards and graphs with the desired content. Filter, sort or set up notifications yourself. This keeps the focus on what's important, so time is better spent than reviewing reports.

HandiHow can help you use Power BI to improve information provision. With the experience of HandiHow plus a dose of “out of the box” thinking, significant efficiency improvements can be achieved by sometimes surprisingly simple solutions.


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