Digitize with web applications

Do you have processes that take more time than necessary? Administration can be a heavy burden on teachers and employees. Time that they can spend on more important things. Web applications allow you to automate processes and manage administrations more effectively.

An example of such application, made by HandiHow, is Pillars.


Traditional web applications have been the standard way of efficient and secure digital environments. It works like this. The user requests information via a url. The server then checks if the user has privileges to access the site. If so, it sends a new page with the requested information.

This way of creating web applications is very suitable for:

  • Applications that are used mainly on the computer
  • Applications that need a high level of security

HandiHow uses MongoDB, NodeJS and Express to program the server. We use the front-end UI frameworks Bootstrap or Semantic UI to make the web application beautifully responsive.


Single Page Applications (SPA)

Single Page Applications work in a different way than traditional web applications. There is only one page that is continuously visible in the browser. In the background, the application makes information requests to the server. In this way, the application is always active and can show elements like a spinner while information is being loaded.

An example of a SPA developed by HandiHow is Digital Skill Scan of O21.

This new way of programming makes it also possible to convert the application into a Progressive Web Application. This can be installed on mobile devices. It behaves then as a native mobile application.

This way of creating web applications is very suitable for:

  • Applications that are used on computer as well as phones
  • Students often expect SPA elements such as spinners during information requests

HandiHow uses Firebase for the server (back-end). We use the front-end frameworks Angular and React.


Firebase is a Backend As A Service platform operated by Google. It provides a realtime database that synchronizes across multiple devices, and stays connected even if the application goes offline.

Firebase also offers advanced features, such as user authentication and tools to measure application usage. It hosts storage for files and images, app messaging and analytics.

With Firebase your application scales automatically to increased numbers of users. Your teams can cooperate seamlessly because of the realtime data sharing features.

Why choose HandiHow?

  • Thinking along strategically
  • Knowledge and experience
  • Short communication, devoted and practical
  • flexibele schil, sterk team
  • Clear agreements, transparant
  • Latest web and mobile technologies
  • Support from idea to implementation
  • Offer for cost effective maintenance and development of new features

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