SelfieTheGame now supports Google Maps and masks. The app has been translated to English and has been rolled out to the entire world.

Google maps

Google maps is integrated in both the web application and the mobile apps. In the web application you can now create assignments by choosing a central location. Around it, you can automatically search for interesting places to take selfies. A link has been made with Google Places for this. The web application now calculates the distance between the location of the assignment and that of the selfie. This allows the administrator of the game to see if the selfie has been taken in (about) the right place.

In the mobile application you can now see the location of the assignment on the map. The location of the selfie is also registered and shown with the photo.

Facial recognition and masks

With ML Kit's automatic facial recognition in Firebase (Google), you can now scan for faces on the selfie and stick stickers over them. We made several options, such as zoo animals and sun stickers. This gives a comic effect but is also useful for people who prefer not to be in the picture.

Introduction video

We have created a new animation to explain the game and motivate people to play the game. Watch the introduction video now. We hope you enjoy the game.