Why HandiHow?

HandiHow offers AppSheet applications. AppSheet is like the Wordpress of mobile apps. You can even maintain the application yourself afterwards.
The advantages of AppSheet applications are:

  • Extremely fast development and low cost
  • Apps can be used directly and without shipping to the App Stores on iOS and Android
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Why make a mobile application?

Mobile apps can be handier to keep track of certain processes. For example, the phone is always close by and ready to be used. The phone also offers functionality such as location and taking photo's. You can use the camera to scan barcodes and the touch device to collect signatures.

You can create mobile apps for internal use at your organization or company to digitize processes. AppSheet may be less suitable for external use (consumer app) because it will be costly with high number of users.

What does HandiHow offer?

HandiHow is a specialist in creating Appsheet applications, that you can maintain and modify yourself afterwards. AppSheet is a no-code platform that does not require any coding experience. All advantages of AppSheet in a row:

  • Extremely fast development and low cost
  • Apps can be used directly and without shipping to the App Stores on iOS and Android

HandiHow thinks along how your application can be made in the most handy way. We work together to create a good end result. Also we help you implement your new way of working. We can offer trainings at your location for personnel that will use the app. That way you can rest assured that everyone knows how to handle the new software.


How does AppSheet work?

One can probably best describe AppSheet as the Wordpress for mobile applications. It's an easy to use platform where no knowledge of programming is required to create fully fledged and functional mobile applications. Records are kept inside a spreadsheet such as Google sheets or Excel. This makes it possible to connect existing data sources and use functionality inside the spreadsheet as well. For example, to calculate based on data or create charts.

You create different tables with records in the spreadsheet that are then displayed on the mobile device. Also you can take pictures and store files, save the user's location and create a route to a location using a map on the device.

When the app is ready, you can ship them to your internal customers without having to place the apps on the app stores. The app can be used through the AppSheet app that can be downloaded already on the app stores. Users then can log in with several authentication providers such as Google or Microsoft.


Are you interested to create an AppSheet application together with HandiHow? Please contact us through our contact form. We will make an appointment so we can share ideas and discuss future possibilities.