Sterkte Zwakte Analyze App

Web applicaties, Angular, Open source

This app maps student competence levels. These competences are part of the curricula at their school.

The level is assessed with one of the 4 colors and their corresponding symbol.

The student can first assess his level and add a photo, comment or link to the file. Then the assessment of the teacher follows. The evaluation cycle can be repeated until the competence level is at least sufficient.

Initially, the client followed THHI, a school community in an Appsheet course at HandiHow. Then they started developing an app themselves. Over time, it turned out that the Appsheet platform for this large app was not entirely suitable.

As a result, THHI has commissioned HandiHow to build the SZAPP.

Angular was used to create this web app, with Firebase as the back-end. Material Design was used for design.

The app has been in use for almost two school years. The app is used by approximately 1000 students and 120 teachers.

Technical information

Javascript framework: Angular

CSS framework: Angular Material

Back-end: Firebase

Dit is een open source project en de code is beschikbaar op Github via this link.